In the dynamic world of poker, mastering the selection of starting hands is crucial for success when you play poker online. As the game evolves, new strategies emerge, and understanding the current landscape of the best poker starting hands becomes essential. In this blog, we will explore the updated rankings of the best poker starting hands. By analysing hand strengths, positional advantages, and current trends, we will provide insights into the hands that offer the highest probabilities of winning in today's competitive poker environment with the best use of poker rakeback deals.


The Foundation of Hand Selection in Poker


Hand selection is one of the fundamental aspects of successful poker play. It involves strategically choosing which starting hands to play based on various factors such as hand strength, position at the table, stack sizes, opponent tendencies, and table dynamics. Understanding the foundation of hand selection is essential for maximising profitability and minimising losses in poker. Let's look deeper into the key elements that form the basis of effective hand selection when you play poker online.


Hand Strength


Hand strength refers to the inherent value of a starting hand. Some hands naturally possess a higher probability of winning compared to others. For example, pocket Aces (AA) is widely regarded as the strongest starting hand, as it has the highest chance of winning pre-flop. On the other hand, weaker hands like 7-2 offsuit have significantly lower chances of winning.




Position is crucial in poker and greatly influences hand selection. The position at the table determines the order in which players act during a hand. In general, playing hands from late positions (such as the button and cutoff) provides a strategic advantage as it allows players to gather more information about their opponents' actions before making decisions. In early positions (such as under the gun), hand selection should be more conservative due to the limited information available.


Stack Sizes


The size of a player's stack relative to the blinds and antes affects hand selection. Deep-stacked play, where players have larger chip stacks, allows for more flexibility and speculative plays. In such situations, hands with potential for big payoffs, like suited connectors (e.g., 9-10 suited), can be considered. Conversely, in short-stacked scenarios, players with fewer chips need to be more cautious and focus on playing strong, premium hands that have a higher chance of winning.


Opponent Tendencies


Understanding the playing styles and tendencies of opponents is crucial for hand selection. Different opponents exhibit various behaviours, such as aggression, passivity, or tightness. Aggressive opponents may bluff more frequently, requiring a tighter hand selection strategy to avoid unnecessary risks. Passive opponents, on the other hand, can be exploited by playing a wider range of hands and capitalising on their tendency to fold to aggression.


Table Dynamics


Table dynamics refer to the overall atmosphere and interactions among players at the table. Factors such as the table image, the flow of the game, and the presence of aggressive or tight players influence hand selection. For example, if a table consists of tight players who rarely enter pots, playing more aggressively with a wider range of hands can help exploit their cautious nature, but always make sure to make good use of poker rakeback deals when playing.


It is important to note that hand selection in poker is not a rigid set of rules but rather a dynamic and flexible process. Adapting to changing situations and adjusting hand selection based on the specific context of the game is crucial for success.


The Classic Powerhouses


Certain poker hands have maintained their status as powerhouses over the years due to their inherent strength. These hands offer a solid foundation for players to build their strategies upon. Here are some of the classic powerhouses that remain relevant in 2023:


  • Pocket Aces (AA): Widely regarded as the strongest starting hand, pocket Aces dominate the competition pre-flop and possess great post-flop potential.
  • Pocket Kings (KK): Second only to pocket Aces, pocket Kings are exceptionally strong and can cause significant damage to opponents.
  • Pocket Queens (QQ): Although not as strong as the previous two, pocket Queens remain a formidable starting hand, providing various post-flop possibilities.


Adjusting to the Modern Poker Landscape


The game of poker constantly evolves, and so do the strategies employed by successful players. In recent years, the rise of aggressive and creative playing styles has influenced the ranking of the best starting hands. Here are some hands that have gained prominence in the contemporary poker landscape:


a) Ace-King Suited (AKs): A versatile hand that combines the potential for both flushes and straights, Ace-King suited is highly regarded for its adaptability and post-flop playability.


b) Pocket Jacks (JJ): While not as invincible as the classic powerhouses, pocket Jacks still offer considerable strength, especially in the hands of experienced players who can navigate post-flop scenarios effectively.


c) Ace-Queen Suited (AQs): This hand presents a solid combination of high-card strength and the potential for flushes and straights. It can be played aggressively pre-flop or cautiously in certain situations.


d) Suited Connectors: Hands such as 9-10 suited or 7-8 suited have gained popularity due to their potential for creating powerful straights and flushes. When used correctly, these hands can catch opponents off guard and deliver significant profits.


By considering the foundational aspects of hand selection discussed above, players can make informed decisions about which starting hands to play and which to fold. A balanced approach that combines an understanding of hand strength, position, stack sizes, poker rakeback deals, opponent tendencies, and table dynamics will enable players to optimise their chances of success and navigate the complexities of the game more effectively whenever you play poker online.


In the ever-evolving world of poker, staying updated with the best starting hands is essential for maximising success at the tables. While classic powerhouses like pocket Aces and pocket Kings continue to dominate, modern strategies have given rise to the prominence of hands like Ace-King suited and pocket Jacks. However, it is crucial to remember that when you play poker online, hand selection is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Factors such as position, stack sizes, poker rakeback deals and opponent tendencies should always be taken into account. By combining a solid foundation with adaptability and situational awareness, players can navigate the complex landscape of poker and increase their chances of winning in 2023.