Find out how to get the best rakeback deal?


Rakeback was all the rage in the early days of online poker. It was a way for winning poker players to increase their profits, for breakeven players to become consistent winners, and for losing players to slow the bleeding while they improved their game. Rakeback is still available in today's post-Black Friday online poker environment. However, it is not as common, and it can take several forms. You've come to the right place if you're wondering what it is, how to receive poker rakeback deals like POKERBAAZI rakeback deals, and if it's worthwhile.


Rakeback: Definition


When you play online poker, the house (the poker site) takes a percentage of the tournament and cash game pots. This cut is also known as the rake, juice, or house cut. It is the fee you pay to be able to play the game. This occurs not only at every single online poker site, but also at every single brick-and-mortar poker room in the country. Rake is the method by which poker rooms make money and keep the lights on. Operators needed high-volume players who were willing to sit on the site and start games in the early days of online poker.


Otherwise, the tables may be empty because recreational players prefer to play at full tables rather than starting games two or three-handed. The plan was to pay some players to play long hours and start games in order to keep traffic on the site going. Instead of a salary, these players were paid in rakeback. As payment for their services, the players were given a percentage of the rakeback they generated. The procedure went smoothly.




Rakeback percentages earned by players varied depending on the deal. Rakeback percentages start as low as a few percent, but the best poker sites can offer up to 100%! It all depends on what the company wanted to accomplish and how quickly they wanted to get there. Standard discounts ranged from 30% to 40%. This meant that the online poker site would make money even if a table was full of rakeback players.


As more people learned about rakeback, "getting poker rakeback deals" became less common. Instead of only offering perks to new players, some poker sites began offering rakeback to all players who were interested through third parties. It became a competitive perk that any player who played a reasonable amount of volume had to obtain in order to maximise earnings. There were still some specialty deals set aside for game starters who followed a strict set of rules, but these became less common.


How is Rakecak Calculated?


Rakeback is calculated in two ways: weighted contributed and dealt or shared. Weighted contributed is the more common of the two, but you may still find rakeback poker sites like POKERBAAZI rakeback deals with newer and less developed programmes that use deals or shares. Realising how to get poker rakeback deals and how every method is calculated is critical in determining which rakeback deals are available online for you.


Weighted Contribution


The weighted contributed method is the most commonly used method for calculating rakeback. The amount of money you put into a pot determines your rakeback payment with this method. This method is best for more active players because you will be heavily rewarded for participating in more pots. Conversely, less-active or tighter players will benefit less from this method than from the dealt or shared method.


Here's an example of how this method works at the top rakeback poker sites.




  • The weighted contributed method earns you 35% rakeback.
  • Whether there is a flop or not, the online poker site takes a 5% rake from every cash game pot.
  • You're currently playing at a single $9 to $2 table.


In the middle position, you are dealt two cards. You decide to raise to $7 after the action folds to you. The small blind who calls is joined by the big blind who also calls. There is currently $21 in the pot. The flop is revealed, and you choose to bet $12. The big blind calls, and the small blind folds. The pot now has $45 in it. Both of you check the turn and river, and the hand proceeds to showdown. The hand is won by your opponent.


Without the rakeback, you would be out $19. But, with rakeback, you'll get a portion of that back. The poker room keeps 5% of the pot. 5% of $45 is $2.25. To determine how much of that $2.25 you get from your rakeback deal, consider how much money you put into the pot. You bet $7 before the flop and $12 after the flop for a total of $19. The cost of 5% of your $19 contribution is $0.95. On this hand, the online poker site made $0.95 off of you.


However, your rakeback agreement states that you will receive 35% of that amount back. So 35% of $0.95 equals $0.33. Under the weighted contributed method, you would receive $0.33 rakeback for this hand. It may not appear to be much, but keep in mind that you are frequently playing hundreds of hands per hour and thousands of hands per day. You will receive rakeback on every hand you play, whether you win or lose.


Dealt or Shared


The dealt or shared method is a less popular and more archaic method of calculating rakeback payments. As long as you are dealt into the hand, you will earn an equal share of the rakeback. It makes no difference whether you put a penny into the pot or not. You're getting paid if you're sitting there getting cards.


As you can see, this method is far superior for more passive and tight players. Many would argue that it is less fair to all players, which is why these poker rakeback deals at online casinos are hard to come by these days.


Rake is the only method for online poker rooms to make money


Rake is the only way for an online poker site to generate revenue because they do not play the game. If you want to become a winning poker player, you must not only beat your opponents, but also the rake. The simplest way to accomplish this is to sign up through a poker affiliate to receive the highest percentage of your paid rake back.This is why, if you want to make a living from online poker, you must have a good rakeback deal.


How can I increase my rakeback?


Quite frankly, the answer to this question is volume. Fast-fold poker or multitabling Heads-Up or 6-max games are the best ways to maximise your rakeback in cash games. Turbo or hyper turbo Sit & Gos are the best option for tournament players. Furthermore, you should avoid playing hyper turbo Sit and Gos unless you have a great rakeback deal. Simply put, you are paying too much rake, making profit extremely difficult.


Second, you must find the best rakeback deal for your preferred online poker room. It makes a huge difference in the long run if you can get 30% or 40% rakeback. There are numerous poker affiliates and rakeback promotions available.


Why isn't rakeback available at every online poker site?


Some online poker sites are solely concerned with increasing their profits while neglecting to reward their players. They believe it is unprofitable to give something back to their loyal players and do not reward hard work. Play at those sites at your own risk. To maximise your profit, choose sites with the best poker rakeback deals like POKERBAAZI rakeback deals and high traffic.


Note: Please keep in mind that if you play without a rakeback deal or on sites that do not offer rakeback, you will be losing a lot of money.


PokerBaazi Rakeback Deals


After the house collects their percentage of the rake from the pot, you can get the best poker Rakeback amount in a poker game. You can earn a portion of the rake by dealing poker winning hands, participating in the game, or being paid from it. The best poker Rakeback earning potential varies depending on the player. Visit whispering shouts for the POKERBAAZI rakeback deals on cash games that are available around the clock.


The large winning potential of the best online poker Rakeback option is a significant advantage. If making a large sum of money is a top priority, online poker rakeback is a popular option. Keep in mind that the best online poker Rakeback opportunity is only available in a few countries. Furthermore, players have access to POKERBAAZI for the best poker rakeback deals. Check the legal status of the best poker Rakeback games in your region for the safest gaming experience at the best Rakeback sites.