Online poker has changed the way individuals play the game by giving them easy access to a variety of cash games and tournaments from the comfort of their own homes. The temptation of possibly winning large sums of money when you play poker online has drawn many players to the realm of online poker. We will look at the earning possibilities of online poker players in this blog. We aim to provide a full picture of how much online poker players can make, from the elements impacting their income like poker rakeback deals  to the problems they experience.

A poker player makes an average of $1200 per year or around $12 per hour. Less than 10% of all poker players earn more than $1000 in their lifetime. In their whole career, less than 2% of all poker players ever earn more than $10,000. 

Assume you play 12 tables for 5 hours a day. If you play full ring, you may expect to get roughly 70 hands each hour at each table, for a total of 840 hands every hour.


1. 70 hands each table multiplied by 12 tables equals 840 hands every hour. This comes to 4200 hands every day.
840 hands per hour multiplied by 5 hours equals 4200 hands per day.
3. If you play 24 days a month (giving yourself a day or two off per week), you will still be able to meet your 100k hands goal.

Top 5 Indian Poker Players

#1 Nipun Java

As per the Player of The Year (POY) rankings, Nipun Java is the best Indian poker player currently plying his trade. He has a POY score of 1,648.75 which puts him 688th on the all time poker money list but stands first on the Indian money list. His all time best rank on the money list is 686th while his current Global Poker Index ranking is 190th which, simply put makes him the 190th best player in the world.

Nipun’s total online poker earnings stand at $394,601 while his total live earnings are an astonishing $1,977,177 which makes him the highest earning Indian poker player ever. His biggest win came in 2016, when he won $16,280 on the WSOP Circuit in Cherokee.

In 2016, he also cashed at the WSOP Circuit in Los Angeles where he won $1,430 and finished 8th in the No Limit Hold’ Em Ring Event.


#2 Raghav Bansal

Second, on the all-time Indian winners' list, Raghav Bansal is one of the more popular figures on the Indian poker circuit. Playing live games in a customary hoodie and shades, he would not look out of place in a shady alley but has made his home in the biggest of casinos in India and abroad.

He is also the 2nd highest rated Indian player with a POY rating of 1,444.97 points in 2016 and ranked 245th in the Global Poker Index.

Bansal’s total earnings are $735,024 with his live cash earnings contributing $335,910 to his total winnings. Notable recent achievements by Bansal include the $25,000 he won at the Macau Poker Cup. He also won the No Limit Hold’Em Main Event where he took home Rs 3,060,000 at the Deltin Poker Tournament at the Deltin Royale



#3 Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal has won a lot of money not only in online tournaments but has also recently been making headlines by cashing out of several major WSOP events in the USA. He is India’s 3rd highest ranked cash winner and his highest win came last year when he cashed out of No Limit Hold’Em Main Event Championship that saw him take home $18,714. Aditya also specialises in the online tournament and cash games which have contributed to him winning over $2,201,866.

Along with standing 3rd on the Indian all-time money list, Aditya is also the 2,325th highest money winner in the in the world. The young Indian’s total online earnings are over $700,000 while the rest of the money has come from live events where he has managed to successfully cash out.

The youngster’s success has also made him very popular amongst the Indian poker community, as a result of which he is also the 942nd most popular poker player in the world as per the Global Poker Index.


#4 Taha Maruf

Another young pro who is taking the domestic circuit by storm is Taha Maruf. He has grown to become one of the more prominent poker faces in Indian Poker after finishing 3rd at the No Limit Hold’Em WPT Main Event in Atalanta City.

That event saw him take home a bumper prize money to the tune of $3,00,361. He also finished 6th at another event held in the same tournament winning another sizeable sum of money which was the second highest haul of his career.

Taha is an avid Manchester United fan and has been spotted wearing the Manchester United kit during a few tournaments. Maruf stands around 2,400th in the all time money list and is 1,654th best player in the world, clearly indicating that the Indians urgently need to do something about their standing in the game.


#5 Aditya Sushant

The 5th placed all-time poker winner in the country makes it evident that the country has no standing whatsoever in the poker universe. With total career winnings stretching a little over the $3,00,000 mark, the fifth ranked poker player in the country is only the 5,480th best player in the poker world. At this level of poker, rankings are irrelevant and subject to change every day.

Sushant also stands 1,668th in the Global Poker Index with a popularity ranking of 6,016 which makes him a virtual unknown both at home, and abroad. His best live cash win stands at $75,319 while his total live earnings are at levels just above the $3,25,000 mark.

Factors that determine the earnings when you play poker online

Skill and experience

The skill level and experience of online poker players play a vital role in determining their potential earnings. Skillful players who have a deep understanding of poker strategies and mathematical concepts can outperform their opponents and achieve consistent success. Experience in playing online poker, coupled with a solid grasp of online-specific dynamics, nuances and poker rakeback deals, can further enhance a player's earning potential.

Developing poker skills and experience in the online realm requires time and dedication. Successful online poker players invest hours in studying the game, analysing hand histories, and refining their strategies. They adapt to the fast-paced nature of online play, mastering concepts such as multi-tabling and exploiting the tendencies of their opponents.

Game Selection and Volume

The choice of games and the volume of play are significant factors that impact the earnings of online poker players. Online platforms offer a wide variety of game types, including cash games, Sit & Go tournaments, and multi-table tournaments (MTTs). Each format presents different opportunities and challenges. Cash games allow players to buy in with real money and compete against others in ring games. Skilled players can choose the stakes they are comfortable with and have the potential to exploit weaker opponents. The volume of hands played in cash games can significantly influence earnings, as consistent winning sessions can accumulate over time. 

Sit & Go tournaments are small-scale tournaments with a predetermined number of players. These games have a fixed buy-in and prize structure, providing an opportunity for players to earn consistent winnings in a shorter time frame. Skilled Sit & Go players often specialise in these games, capitalising on their understanding of short-handed play and ICM (Independent Chip Model) considerations.

MTTs are larger-scale tournaments with multiple tables and a larger player pool. They offer substantial prize pools and the chance to win life-changing sums of money. However, MTTs also involve higher variance and longer time commitments. Success in MTTs requires both skill and endurance, as players must navigate through large fields and survive deep into the tournament to secure significant payouts.

Rakeback and Rewards Programs

Poker rakeback deals rewards programs offered by online poker platforms can contribute to the earnings of online poker players. Rake is the fee charged by the platform for hosting the games, usually a small percentage of each pot or tournament buy-in. When you play poker online some poker sites provide players with a percentage of the rake they generate, known as rakeback. Rakeback programs can provide a steady income stream, particularly for high-volume players.

Additionally, online poker platforms often offer loyalty and rewards programs to incentivize players. These programs allow players to earn points or loyalty rewards based on their volume of play. These rewards can include cash bonuses, tournament tickets, or merchandise. By taking advantage of these programs, online poker players can boost their overall earnings.

Tournament Cashes and Winnings

Tournament cashes and winnings are significant contributors to the earnings of online poker players. Online platforms host a multitude of tournaments with various buy-ins and prize pools, ranging from small daily events to prestigious series with massive guarantees.

Successful online players with exceptional tournament skills can achieve substantial earnings through deep runs and victories. Major online tournaments, such as the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) or the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP), offer the opportunity to compete for significant prize pools and six or seven-figure payouts for the winners. Skilled players who consistently make deep runs in these flagship events can accumulate substantial earnings over time.

Moreover, online poker players have access to a wide range of satellite tournaments. Satellites provide a pathway to qualify for higher buy-in tournaments at a fraction of the cost. Winning satellite entries into major events can significantly boost a player's earnings potential. It is important to note that tournament play involves inherent variance. Even skilled players can experience extended periods without significant cashes or victories. Therefore, it is crucial for online poker players to have a solid bankroll management strategy to withstand downswings and ensure their financial stability during less profitable periods.

The earnings potential when you play poker online depends on various factors, including skill, game selection, volume of play, best use of poker rakeback deals, tournament success, participation in rewards programs, and potential sponsorships. Skilled and experienced players who put in the effort to continually improve their game and adapt to the online poker landscape have the opportunity to earn substantial amounts of money. However, it is important to note that the online poker world is highly competitive, and consistent profitability requires dedication, discipline, effective bankroll management, and the ability to navigate the inherent variance of the game.