About Us

“The smarter you play, the luckier you’ll be”

-Mark Pilarski

Haven’t we all tried our luck at poker rooms - whether it’s at a friends game or on an online portal - but somehow managed to lose it all? The key to poker is strategy and that’s where Whispering Shouts steps in. Talking more about our company, Whispering Shouts operates as a brand for RakeTech Pvt. Ltd., a company registered in India, and our basic mission is to act as an agent of online poker players to help them save money on poker room rake fees. Run by poker professionals, Whispering Shouts have collated a team that understands the intricacies of the game and have started this initiative you help you achieve success too! Mainly catering to online poker rooms, Whispering Shouts is a portal that brings to you all the needed tools to play poker strategically and maximize profits!

Why Whispering Shouts?

Although there are tons of professionals offering what we offer - so what makes us different?

Extensive Reach

WhisperigShouts has patterned with top online poker gaming portals, including PokerBaazi, PokerStars.in, Poker Dangal, and many more. Driving more traffic with such names, listing your website with us will yield positive results - no doubt!

Best Promotions, Coupons, and Poker Rake Back Deals!

We list all promotions, coupons, and poker rakeback deals offered by our partners on our website - all at one portal! To search for the best deals, click here. Let’s play smart!

Responsive Customer Support

We understand that players may need to connect with us for poker rakeback deals questions, our process, or any other query. Keeping that in mind, we make sure every query is resolved instantly.

Easy, Fast Registration

Let go of a tiresome registration process. All you have to do when registering to Whispering Shouts is to fill in your email ID and password - and you’re good to go!

Expert Bankroll Management

Most poker players understand the importance of bankroll management, however, do not include rakes in their data. Including rakes not only makes your data more accurate, but your game strong.We understand that and give you a portal to practise expert bankroll management using our professional technique.

Let’s Start Winning!

Intrigue? Join the WhisperingShouts team by signing up to make your dreams a reality! Contact us at +91-80766-96966 or info@whisperingshouts.com, and we will immediately cater to any questions you have regarding our process or techniques.