Vikaash Shah, a prominent figure in the Indian poker scene, boasts an impressive track record in both live and online poker tournaments. When Natural8 India announced an exclusive tournament for APT Taipei 2024, Shah's participation was inevitable. This semi-professional player secured the third position in the qualifier, amassing a stack of 133,334 chips.



The final table, consisting of the top 6 players, is scheduled to reconvene on March 4th at 12 PM in Taipei. The top 3 players will earn tickets to the Main Event valued at ₹1.85 Lakh each, while the remaining three will receive tickets to the Mini Main Event, valued at ₹60K each.


We had the opportunity to delve deeper into the life of the 41-year-old Vikaash Shah. Originating from Siliguri, West Bengal, Shah's primary occupation lies in the construction business. However, his journey into the realm of poker unveils an intriguing tale. Approximately 7-8 years ago, Shah embarked on his poker journey. When probed about his attraction to the game, Shah provided a fascinating insight. He explained that poker facilitated the development of his ability to decipher players' behaviors, thereby enhancing his reading skills. Additionally, Shah emphasized the game's capacity to test one's patience, which significantly contributed to his decision to immerse himself in it.


Despite his enduring fascination with poker, Shah now allocates limited time to the felts due to personal commitments. Nonetheless, his enthusiasm for participating in the APT is palpable, particularly as it marks his inaugural appearance at the Asian series. Shah has established himself as a regular contender at World Poker Tour (WPT) events across Asia, boasting notable achievements such as a title win at the ₱15,000 NLH Megastack Event #20 – WPT Manila in February 2020, along with several deep runs.


When questioned about his most cherished moment in poker, Shah reminisced about his triumph in a NLHE game during WPT Prime Cambodia in March 2023, where he secured his largest live cash prize of $35,170.


In light of Shah's formidable presence and his ranking as the third-highest stack holder in the India-exclusive tournament, it becomes evident that his competitors ought to exercise vigilance. Shah is poised to capitalize on this opportunity and aims to clinch a coveted ticket to the APT Taipei Main Event 2024.