As tension hung thick in the air at the ongoing World Poker Tour (WPT) Cambodia 2024, spectators eagerly awaited the climax of the Deepstack 20/15/10 event. With 51 hopefuls vying for victory and a formidable $24,735 prize pool on the line, anticipation reached a fever pitch.


Amidst the nail-biting showdowns and strategic maneuvers, one name emerged as the beacon of triumph – none other than Indian poker pro Aayush Arya. With nerves of steel and a keen eye for opportunity, Arya surged ahead, facing formidable opponents and overcoming every obstacle in his path.


In a heart-stopping finale, Arya went head-to-head with Chinese poker stalwart Qiuyao Dong, each move met with bated breath from the captivated audience. And when the dust settled, it was Arya who emerged victorious, claiming not only the coveted WPT trophy but also a staggering payday of $9,152 (~₹7,60,992).


But the thrills didn't end there. Among the illustrious few to cash in was India's very own Asish Kumar Ghosh, whose fifth-place finish earned him a respectable $1,855 (₹1,54,247) payday.


The WPT Cambodia 2024 Deepstack event was more than just a competition; it was a saga of determination, skill, and relentless pursuit of glory. As the echoes of this monumental victory reverberate throughout the poker world, one can't help but wonder: What exhilarating twists and turns await in the next thrilling chapter of the WPT saga? Brace yourselves for more pulse-pounding action!