When playing poker, some players make the mistake of underestimating the importance of poker rakeback deals believing that the room's commission is insignificant in comparison to their potential win. Rakeback, on the other hand, can be a significant factor influencing a player's income. So, a player can play a small plus at a single level of rakeback, and if the return on commission is lower, he may roll into a minus. Since the large number of hands wagered and the formation of a large rake, many grinders only earn money from poker rakeback deals.

In online poker sites like GGPoker and Pokerbaazi at the end of the reporting period, the player receives a portion of the rake back into his account. Another type of rakeback is cashback, in which the player receives special points. The poker player can then exchange these points for cash, tickets to specific tournaments, or poker room store merchandise. As a result, cashback is an indirect method of returning rake.

Size of Rakeback

The size of the rakeback is determined not only by the chosen room and the amount of rake made during the allotted time period, but also by affiliates. A website that has provided you with an affiliate link for registration is referred to as an affiliate. This website is Whispering Shouts, and it offers numerous benefits to its players. You can expect not only higher poker rakeback deals like GGPoker rakeback deals, but also professional assistance with any technical or financial issues. Our managers will also choose the most convenient as well as profitable rakeback system for you.

Whispering Shouts works with numerous poker rooms, but in this article, we will only provide a brief overview of the rooms and networks that provide the best poker rakeback deals. In 2023, the following networks/rooms offer the best game conditions: PPPoker, PartyPoker, PokerKing, GG Network, RedStar etc.

GG Poker

GG Poker poker is a popular poker network with rapidly increasing traffic. As a result, the network's flagship poker room, PokerOK, is currently ranked second in the world in terms of cash traffic. Our players can receive increased rakeback ranging from 50% to 100% in all GGNetwork rooms. The GG network began in Korea and gradually spread not just to all Asian countries, but nearly to the entire world. The network's main rooms include BestPoker, BetKing, and GGPoker which provides GGPoker rakeback deals. Peak traffic occurs in these rooms in the evening, CET time, whenever the number of connections can exceed 10,000.

The majority of visitors congregate at 6-max cash tables with limits ranging from NL10 to NL1000. Omaha is just as popular as Texas Hold'em on the GG Network and provides a good GGPoker Rakeback Deal. As a result, an action at the PLO cash tables can take place at any time across the entire range of limits. Fast poker has four limits ranging from NL1 to NL100. Tournament fans will find regular MTTs, GGPoker rakeback deals here, but no SnG.


You can get the best poker rakeback amount in a poker game after the house takes their cut of the pot's rake. By dealing winning poker hands, taking part in the game, or getting paid from it, you can make some of the rake. The player's individual earning potential for the best poker rakeback deals varies. For POKERBAAZI rakeback offers on cash games that are available 24/7, go to whispering shouts.

The best online poker rakeback option's significant winning potential is a key benefit. Online poker rakeback is a popular choice if making a lot of money is your top priority. Remember that only a few countries offer the best rakeback opportunities for players of online poker. Players can also access POKERBAAZI to find the best poker rakeback deals. For the safest gaming environment at the top Rakeback sites, research the legality of the best poker Rakeback games in your area.


PPPoker is not a traditional poker room; rather, it is a mobile app used by a large number of amateur players from Asia and America. The app's game is played in private clubs. The Whispering Shouts team can assist you in locating a club that meets your requirements.

Tables ranging in size from NL50 to NL2K are always available, regardless of where the club is located. In addition to Hold'em and other games, Pot Limit Omaha and Chinese Poker are available (OFC Pineapple). The app is available not only on mobile, as well as on PC, and you can use a converter to run stats tracking software. Cash table rake can range from 2 to 5 percent, making it one of the lowest rates among poker sites, depending on the limits and clubs. Our players are entitled to a 40% rakeback deal.


PartyPoker has one of the highest rakebacks in the industry, reaching 60% for our players. The said percentage is made up of two values: room cashback and Whispering Shouts exclusive rakeback. Every week, the poker room returns 20-40% of the rake. Grinders can become members of the Diamond Elite Club and receive increased rakeback. However, in order to collect the required number of points, you must grind a lot - this is not an easy task. The average regular can expect rakeback in the 35-55% range, which is a very good indicator.

What else should you know about PartyPoker before registering in this room? Party Poker is one of Europe's most popular poker rooms, with a maximum cash traffic of approximately 3.500 connections per evening CET time. Cash tables with micro and low limits are the most popular. There are approximately 100 tables with limits up to NL10. A more expensive game is also available, with 10-15 tables with NL100 and NL200 limits. Several tables NL1000-NL2000 are available in the afternoon, and tables NL5000 are also available during peak hours.

Poker King

The Winning Poker Network includes the American poker room PokerKing. This is the network's only room dedicated to attracting European players. PokerKing made our list because of its generous rakeback. A large rakeback includes a cashback room, prizes for taking part in a rake race, and our surcharge. If you are not a super-grinder, but rather a regular who plays at average limits, you can expect a return rake of 35-50%.

PokerKing is appealing not only because of its high rakeback, but also because of some other advantages. One of the most significant advantages of the room is the large number of weak American players.