Wouldn't it be nice if, every time you sat down for dinner at a nice restaurant, a portion of the sales tax on your bill was returned to you? That extra money could be used for dessert or another beer.

Or have you ever sat at your local card room's poker table, missing every draw all night while watching the dealer constantly push the chips to your opponents - after a few are set aside for the house, of course? Your losing night might feel a little better if you could dip into that chunk of chips on your way to the card room and return home with a slightly heavier wallet.

What does Rakeback mean?

Rakeback is the solution, and it's often as important to a poker player's bottom line as knowing when to fold pocket rockets on the River when you're behind. Many poker players have heard of rakeback, but there are many misconceptions about this sometimes perplexing source of extra income. But, before we get there, we need to define the term "rake." Rake is a percentage of any money you bring to the poker tables that goes to the poker room. 

Because there is no 'edge' for the House (as there is in Blackjack or Craps, for example), the House makes a profit through the rake and is thus able to provide the games and keep them running, whether it is online poker or live at the casino.

Rakeback is the key to getting your hands on the casino's money and receiving a portion of the rake you paid at the tables. It's a monetary 'thank you' from the poker room that allows you to keep a percentage of your generated rake in your account. Rakeback is typically calculated in one of three ways in poker rooms:

Contributed Rakeback

Contributed Rakeback: Your rake is calculated using the percentage of money you contribute to the pot. For instance, if you bet $10 in a cash game as well as the rake at that poker room is 10%, you would pay $1 in rake for this hand. With a 25% poker rakeback offer, a player gets $0.25 back for this one hand.

Dealt Rakeback

Rakeback is determined by who was dealt into the hand rather than how much each player contributed. Rakeback is distributed to all players. As an example, if you are in a cash game with four other players and the casino charges a 10% rake, if the pot reaches $100, the House will take a $10 rake. 

A 25% rakeback deal divides that $10 evenly among all players dealt in the hand, so you would receive $0.50 rakeback.

Progressive Rakeback

A hybrid of the two, the rakeback percentage is determined by the number of hands played or the rake paid. When a player is extremely active and participates in a large number of hands, their percentage rakeback increases. The higher the percentage a player receives, the more rake they generate.

Is rakeback necessary?

How many times have you clicked delete on that piece of spam promising "easy money working from home" or "earn money on stocks," for example? Rakeback, on the other hand, is not one of those get-rich-quick schemes, but rather a consistent, sure-fire way to supplement your poker winnings or offset losses when the poker gods fail to shine on you.

Rakeback will make a significant difference even for the casual poker player who plays once or twice a week in an online home game with friends, for example. Even though two or three dollars in tourney fees may appear insignificant, with a proper poker rakeback deal, even casual players will discover that the money they accumulate over time via rakeback is substantial.

However, for regular and serious players, as well as professionals and semi-pro grinders who invest significant time and effort at the poker tables in order to maximise profit, having the best rakeback deal is an absolute must and a critical contributor to successful bankroll management. While poker rakeback deals can help turn a losing month into a profitable one, it also magnifies big wins. A good rakeback deal is therefore essential for any regular poker player.

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