Adita Wahi, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry with notable TV shows under her belt, originally hails from Delhi but later pursued higher education in New York. Upon returning to Mumbai, she ventured into entrepreneurship alongside her acting career. Curious about her journey into the world of poker? In a recent conversation, Wahi shed light on her transition to becoming an actress-host-cum-poker player.


When asked about her introduction to the card game, Wahi reminisced, "Some of my friends used to play home games and they asked me to join and learn. Being a curious mind, I was always game to learn something new." She expressed her love for the game and the enjoyment derived from playing with friends. Additionally, Wahi highlighted her competitive nature and the allure of strategizing, which drew her to poker due to its skill-based nature.


Recently, Wahi participated in an India-exclusive tournament by Natural8 India for the upcoming APT Taipei 2024 series, securing the fourth position with a stack of 90,386 chips. Despite her extensive online poker experience during the COVID-19 lockdown, APT Taipei 2024 marks her first foray into an international live poker series.


Reflecting on her poker journey, Wahi shared, "I started playing micro level MTTs. Had a few good runs and then fell into the classic trap of losing and thinking I’m getting unlucky! That’s when I decided to learn and improve my game and get better at it. It’s been a journey of learning and growing which has been extremely fulfilling."


When asked about her most cherished poker moment, Wahi recalled a tournament with a ₹1,650 buy-in where she initially faced setbacks but eventually emerged victorious after multiple attempts. This triumph marked her first online poker tournament win. Additionally, making it to the final table in Natural8 India’s exclusive tourney for APT Taipei 2024 holds a special place in her heart.


Notably, Natural8 India’s exclusive tournament offered lucrative prizes including free tickets and travel packages worth ₹90K each to the top 6 finalists. The top three final table finishers will receive tickets (₹1.85 Lakh each) to the Main Event, while the remaining three will secure tickets to the Mini Main Event (₹60K).