Rakeback is just as important as bonuses when it comes to building a bankroll. Players are lucky today because most poker rooms didn't even have a VIP rewards programme let alone online poker rakeback deals. Fortunately, all players today do not have to choose between receiving rakeback and receiving a deposit bonus, as all rakeback poker sites like Spartan Poker offer both. First, we'll define rakeback before moving on to more advanced topics like how to make the most of it.

What is Rake and Rakeback?

Rake is collected every time you play a pot in an online poker room. A poker room collects two types of rake: contributed rake and dealt rake (shared method). As you may be aware, poker rooms make their money from the "rake," which is typically taken as a percentage of the pot and is typically charged at a 5% commission (or less) up to a $3 maximum (higher stakes can also have a higher maximum rake).

You may think this is a small amount of money to give up, but if you are a long-term player and/or end up raising the stakes, the amount of rake you contribute over time can be significant. Even players at the $25nl, $50nl, and $100nl levels, for example, will earn hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in rake each month.

Most players consider rake to be a "tax" and "unfair" because it depletes our bankroll, but without it, poker rooms would not be able to survive and continue to provide services to us. Wouldn't it be great to get a portion of the rake back as a "rebate" for playing? What if that opportunity was not available to everyone? That would be a significant advantage, and you may be able to get it as well.

What does Rakeback provide?

Fortunately, some poker rooms like Spartan Poker allow affiliates to promote "rakeback," which is when a certain percentage of a player's rake is paid back directly to them on a regular basis. These online poker rakeback deals lessens the impact of commission fees, and we consider it a "refund" that you receive automatically in cash. Every minute you decide to play poker, this rakeback contributes directly to your bankroll in a positive way.

As a result, we can examine how to make the most of the rakeback using various strategies. To begin, we will look at your online poker rakeback deals. On average, you can expect to receive 30% guaranteed rakeback, though some poker rooms offer more; as a general rule of thumb, the higher the guaranteed rakeback, the better it is for the player but it also hurts the poker room. Ideally, the best rakeback poker sites offer a reasonable rakeback percentage that motivates players while not bankrupting a poker room. The percentage you are eligible to receive is determined by the site where you play.

How to make the most of it?

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, rakeback can be used to help you make money faster. The overarching goal is to save money on rake while making the most money as fast as possible. For obvious reasons, the higher the percentage offered by the poker room, the better, so if you haven't signed up to a site yet, I recommend checking out Spartan Poker’s online poker rakeback deals to see what's profitable.

If you are currently a member of a poker room but have never signed up for rakeback, you are still eligible. There is a process you can go through to enable rakeback; it takes a few steps but is well worth it in the end and then you can join Spartan Poker.

Improve Your Poker Skills

One of the appealing aspects of online poker rakeback deals is that the better you play, the more you are rewarded because you profit from both your winning hands and your guaranteed rakeback. The first, and most obvious, option is to get better at poker by constantly improving your game. Successful rakeback poker players can earn up to 500-1000 per day just by playing poker and earning rakeback.

Multi-tabling allows you to play more hands at once

As you improve at poker, you will naturally play more hands by multitabling, but this can be viewed as a riskier strategy. Multi-tabling allows you to see more hands while also playing more hands. If you are a good player who can play multiple tables at once, you will significantly increase your rakeback.

When you first start multi-tabling, the most difficult part is going from one table to two, then two tables to three. If you can get yourself to play three tables, adding tables four, five, and six is just a matter of time. We don't recommend going from one table to three and then to six because you're more likely to make mistakes and lose money. Many otherwise solid players make the mistake of playing too many hands instead of focusing and playing solid poker.

Don't make the mistake of simply adding tables to increase your rakeback as this is a big risk, and the extra rakeback you earn may come at the expense of both your player development as well as your win rate.

Play with Higher Stakes

What's the difference between 8 $25 tabling and 2 $100 tabling? From a risk standpoint, there isn't much difference; in both cases, you're sitting with $200 at the table, and frankly, the bankroll requirements for 8 tabling one limit are pretty close to 2 tabling one 4x higher. To improve your game, you should raise your stakes from time to time during optimal poker times. This is not an opinion, but a fact. Playing for higher stakes is a sure way to improve your game.

If you can afford to play higher stakes and wish to increase your rakeback, do so; however, do not simply play higher stakes to collect more rakeback because you will most likely lose money. Higher stakes plus more hands = higher rewards when combined.