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PokerHigh WHISP 2018-10-12 00:00:00 UTC

Play in the Jacks Cash Leaderboard to win from a prize pool of Rs. 50,000. Play on 5/10 & 10/20 stakes to win big and feature in the paid positions.

Get High on Jacks and dominate the Jacks Cash Leaderboard.

Rank Payouts
1st 15,000
2nd 12,000
3rd 8,000
4th 6,000
5th 4,000
6th 1,000
7th 1,000
8th 1,000
9th 1,000
10th 1,000
Total 50,000

Play in all the three leaderboards to win big!


  1. Total paid positions for this leaderboard are 10.
  2. Happy Hours – 2PM – 6PM & 10PM – 2AM. Player will get 2X leaderboard points during these slots.
  3. Points are based on the amount of wager (cumulative bet amount).
  4. Promotion is applicable to both Hold’em and Omaha Cash Tables.
  5. Point calculation will be done daily (till 5 am every day).
  6. All leaderboard winners will get their prize money as real money chips in their PokerHigh accounts.
  7. Points are calculated for participants of public tables only. Private tables are not eligible for leaderboard contention.
  8. In case of any conflict, PokerHigh’s decision will be final.