In the wake of the recent pandemic, India's online gaming industry has experienced enormous growth. Baazi Games, a market leader in online real money gaming, more than doubled its user base to over 11 million, up from about 5.5 million prior to the pandemic. According to a BCG report, the mobile gaming market in India is worth $1.5 billion today and is expected to grow to $5 billion or more by 2025. Poker, one of the world's most popular card games, is gradually gaining popularity in India as Indians increasingly see it as a game of skill and strategy.

PokerBaazi is a market leader in India and is capturing the Indian poker scene with a unique approach to the game. The platform's success has been built on customer-centricity and modern business principles. PokerBaazi is gaining market share as a result of this.

Massive Popularity

PokerBaazi, the company's flagship product, debuted in 2014. It's a well-known saying that life is a game of poker, not chess. It's an intriguing game that has already gained massive popularity in the West and is rapidly gaining popularity in our card-loving country. In May 2021, the platform launched a new and revamped PokerBaazi app based on new technology and also including features based on research, that included suggestions from playing customers, making this gaming app the best-in-class in its category. PokerBaazi remains the number one poker operator in India, according to PokerScout, an internationally renowned poker ranking website.

Customer-centricity, technology-driven scale, data-driven decision making, and a 'think-execute-fail' fast approach to business have emerged as four pillars that have emerged as drivers for PokerBaazi's extraordinary success. PokerBaazi prides itself on profitability and sustainability, as compared to the zealous fund-chasing ethic that has become a common craze in today's competitive start-up marketplace. PokerBaazi is a one-of-a-kind synthesis of old and new business schools.

Pokerbaazi: High Standards of Ethical Gaming

We regard poker as a game of skill and dexterity, and we believe it is our professional and moral obligation to play it fairly and transparently. Technical rules, glitches, and even unusual circumstances may not in any way undermine its spirit. All of our Freerolls, Tournaments, Events, and Series are held at the times specified in the Tournament Lobby. We reserve the right to postpone or cancel such a Freeroll, Tournament, Event, or Series without prior notice due to unusual or unforeseen circumstances.

We provide information about all Freerolls, Tournaments, Events, and Series in advance so that you can make an informed decision about participating. This includes information about the blind structure, round length, rebuy, and other relevant aspects of your gaming all of which can be found by visiting the Lobby section of our Mobile and Desktop applications. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to change the same at any time and without notice

The ideal blend of traditional and modern 

PokerBaazi has shown rapid but sustainable growth in keeping with a traditional approach that focuses on creating value for customers. Modern business principles that influence the company and its operations ensure that the structure is founded on ethics, effective policies, Pokerbaazi rakeback deals and a sound business model. With this one-of-a-kind value system as its foundation, PokerBaazi has been able to excel in the fast-paced gaming industry and emerge as one of the top names in the space.

Highly Profitable Business

PokerBaazi's growth can be attributed to a unit metrics-focused approach, which ensures that the business grows sustainably even as it scales. While the mobile gaming industry as a whole is growing at a 30 percent CAGR, PokerBaazi grew by 64 percent in FY22 over the previous financial year. Technology is at the heart of the business, and PokerBaazi develops it entirely in-house. Given that the company operates in the realm of real money gaming, or RMG, these tech experts are focused on developing a top-tier platform where, in addition to a superior platform experience, security and user safety are prioritised, and this has resulted in PokerBaazi building a loyal user base over time.

PokerBaazi has partnered with global risk intelligence company Shield for real-time risk intelligence and fraud prevention, in addition to strong in-house tech capabilities as well as Pokerbaazi rakeback deals. The platform can detect malicious behaviour and prevent such users from participating in online games. The platform has a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who tries to tarnish the player experience in any way.

Advanced technology Gaming

As a brand built on cutting-edge technology and best-in-class security, the PokerBaazi app in its updated form is powered by scalable infrastructure as well as a powerful tech stack. Furthermore, built-in tools have been integrated to enhance the user interface and gaming experience.

Poker is a skill-based game that is also a lot of fun to play. The PokerBaazi network ensures that all players get a good taste of both sides of the game. Players can analyse past performance and use this data to improve their game by accessing Advanced Opponent Stats and their own Game Stats and can take the full use of Pokerbaazi rakeback deals. Then there are some good interactive features that are both visually appealing and expressive, making the game enjoyable. What good is a game if there are no emotions?

Future Plans

Future plans PokerBaazi's vision is to popularise poker as a skill-based game in Indian households and to make it a recognised sport in the country. The company, which will celebrate its eighth anniversary in October, has created an ecosystem in which anyone can be introduced to the game and evolve within it. One can learn the skills, compete in the largest competitive tournaments, use Pokerbaazi rakeback deals and enjoy the best gameplay experience in the category. To that end, the company has launched its new poker school application, an interactive module that makes learning the game fun.

This is in line with its mission of educating, engaging, and encouraging more players to join the game. According to global market experts, poker in India is entering its golden era, and as the market leader, PokerBaazi is working hard to make this a reality.