According to a KPMG report, the online gaming industry will grow at a 22% CAGR and will reach an astounding 11,880 crores by the end of 2024. The online poker industry is contributing a whopping 35-40% year on year. PokerBaazi and its loyal customers are the forerunners in this arena, which is only expected to grow by leaps and bounds with India's booming digital growth.

In the Indian landscape, companies rarely look for innovative ways to allow market disruptions as well as create an exciting environment for mass adoption of skill-based games like poker. PokerBaazi, a homegrown platform, was founded in 2014 under the renowned Baazi Games umbrella, an established brand in the field of online skill-based sports across audiences and markets. Navkiran Singh, Founder and CEO of Baazi Games, has been leading the Indian poker ecosystem to greater heights and pushing the envelope through strategic initiatives. PokerBaazi has earned the trust of over two million poker enthusiasts by catering to their passion with an Indianized flavour of poker, their poker rakeback deals as well as driving acceptance among a large number of Indians for a primarily Western sport.

We've compiled some top online poker tips that can make a big difference in your game.

Tips to improve poker game

Consider ranges rather than hands

The way a shrewd poker player considers their opponent's hands, rather than their own, is an easy way to tell the difference. An average poker player will try to assign a specific hand to an opponent, whereas a smart player will think in terms of ranges.

A range is the entire set of hands that an opponent could have while playing. Your opponent could, for example, have a flush, top pair, middle pair, bottom pair, a draw, ace high, or even a bluff. Always consider your opponent's range rather than what you believe they have. Nobody in online poker gases a specific hand, only ranges.

Don't always play your best hand

Let's be honest: everyone has a favourite hand. When you're dealt it, your eyes will light up, but that doesn't mean you should play it. For example, I enjoy being dealt an 8 of clubs and a 10 of clubs, but as we all know, that does not constitute a 'good hand'. Of course, it makes sense in certain situations, such as late position in an unopened pot. However, in an early position, that hand should be folded. It is crucial to remember that poker is about percentage odds and math, not relying on superstitions and using the best rakeback deals.

Develop a consistent strategy for yourself

To be successful at poker, you must stick to your winning strategy. It's essential not to take risks simply because you're bored or annoyed with your game. After studying the game, you will have a wealth of information indicating how to play the game and profit. However, this only applies if you follow your strategy at all times. Every game, every hand. The top players of the poker community use the same winning strategy over and over, regardless of their recent results.

Always have a rational explanation

There are times when the poker elite alter their strategy, but only for obvious reasons. Since he is bored and wants some action from the game, an average player may start raising an 8 and 6 suited in early position. In contrast, an elite player will raise with this hand because he has noticed that the table is playing passively.

There is clear reasoning in this case that the above mentioned hand could be a profitable move in this hand. Essentially, if you have reasoning as well as rationale behind game tweaks, you can deviate from your usual strategy.

Understand when and when not to use your aces

Another major difference between an amateur and a professional poker player is knowing when to fold on an overpair. We've all had that giddy feeling when we see pocket aces, only to lose a tight raise all-in on the turn. You believe you should have used your strong hand, however you were distracted by the table. This is especially important when playing online, where folding on an overpair is almost always a good idea.

Don't participate in bad games

One way an amateur poker player ruins their results is by consistently playing in games with decent level players. If no one else at the table is playing poorly, why are you there if not for ego? This is only acceptable if your goal in playing poker is to challenge or enjoy yourself. You win big when you play against players who make basic poker mistakes, not experienced pros. If your current table isn't working, try a different one.

About PokerBaazi

PokerBaazi maintains the highest moral gaming standards on all of its online platforms at all times. We present, project, and respect Poker as a skill-based game, poker rakeback deals and we expect our players to adhere to the same high standards as we do.

PokerBaazi is the most trusted poker website in India. It believes that every game should be played in a safe, secure, and trusted gaming environment, and it also expects its players to play the game in the proper spirit. PokerBaazi strictly prohibits all forms of unethical play at all times. These include, but are not restricted to, playing less aggressively, dumping chips, engaging in revealing discussions on chat or otherwise, and anything else that violates the game's code. is a 360-degree poker platform designed to enhance the poker gaming experience through its poker rakeback deals and attract new users to the skill-based game. The central concept is to create a one-stop-shop poker ecosystem with a focus on seasoned players and onboarding new enthusiasts in a welcoming environment for awareness and learning.