Spartan Poker is India's largest and most popular poker brand, as well as a consistent sponsor of the Indian Poker Championship (IPC) series. It was founded in 2015 and has a good reputation, with many local pro players using it. They host numerous freeroll tournaments as well as cash tournaments that draw a large number of players of all skill levels. They have numerous safety features like online poker rakeback deals that provide trust and reliability. Customer service is excellent, and they will gladly assist you with any problems you may encounter.

Rakeback or Bonus?

As an online poker player, you are constantly given different bonus offers, and you frequently sign up for a bonus without fully understanding how much rake you must pay before you can clear the bonus. We want you to select the best of all the online poker rakeback deals that include a poker bonus so that you get the best of everything.

Every bonus has an expiration date

If your bonus is paid in a one-time cash out, the time limit is critical because you can lose a whole bonus if you do not pass it within the time limit. It is critical that you check the bonus requirements in order to clear the bonus.

If you want to maximise your rakeback and bonuses, don't prioritise one over the other. Find a way to integrate bonuses and rakeback. There are poker rooms that will not deduct your bonus payments from your monthly gross revenue (the total amount you pay in rake), so you will receive rakeback as well as a poker bonus. Every online poker player should sign up for a rakeback plan. The best way to go is to sign up for a rakeback deal that gives you credit for tourney fees but excludes your bonus money from rakeback calculations.

What is a Rake Hand?

Rake is a fee collected from players based on the rake chart. In the online poker rakeback deals a rake hand is one in which the rake is taking something from the pot. When cards are dealt, a player is considered to have played a rake hand if the hand generated at least 0.01 in rake for that player.

When is the rake calculated?

If the pot size is greater than or equal to the predetermined one for the type of game and number of players. For example, Blind made by several players and a raise was made by one. If the remaining players fold their cards, the player who placed the bet receives the entire amount without deducting the rake, even if the amount is greater than or equal to the amount from which the rake is deducted.

Extra Rakeback

With Spartan Poker's Cash Games, you can get an extra 20% rakeback. Spartan Poker's cash games have just become more exciting, as the poker site is offering 20% extra rakeback to any player who generates one lakh in rake! Grind on the cash tables at Spartan Poker and you might just come away with a bigger bankroll. This incredible deal is available to those who play Open Face Chinese (OFC) and Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) 4 and 5.

Players only need to SIGN UP on Spartan Poker. This season, head to the OFC and PLO 4 and 5 cash tables to win extra rewards. Slay the online poker mercilessly to start generating a rake worth 1 lakh and take advantage of the 20% rakeback bonus. Spartan Poker's 20% additional rakeback will be paid immediately in addition to the VIP rakeback. 


To be eligible for this enticing offer, OFC cash table players must play on stakes of $300 or higher. Spartan Poker's 'Contest' section allows you to track your progress. Once there, simply select the 'Extra 20% RakeBack - OFC' option to see the status of your rake.

PLO 4 & PLO 5

To be eligible for this offer, you must be an avid grinder on PLO 4 and 5 cash tables with stakes of $500 or higher. Simply go to the 'Contest' section and select 'Extra 20% RakeBack - PLO4 & PLO5.' This is an excellent opportunity to start 2023 out with a bang. The additional rakeback will be given to players in the form of a game bonus and will be credited to your Spartan Poker account after you have generated a rake of one lakh. This fantastic deal is only available once. Simply REGISTER with Spartan Poker and prepare to put your best foot forward. 

When and how is rakeback paid out?

In the online poker rakeback deals rakeback is generally credited to your poker account on a monthly basis, though payout policies vary between poker rooms. Some poker rooms, for example, will make payments on a weekly or even daily basis, which may be more intriguing to those who only play occasionally or who prefer to claim their savings as soon as possible. Rakeback is typically calculated based on the rake paid by members during any given calendar month and distributed during the first or second week of the following month.

Rakeback should be used by all poker players, pros and joes, rich and poor, shorthanded sharks as well as multi-table moguls. Rakeback is one of the few things in the gambling world that is risk-free. Don't give your cash a royal flush (rimshot, please). You must pay a rake and return some of it. Just don't play without it.

Getting a refund on the rake you contribute to is a complete cycle of productive funds that also are channelled between dedicated players and the poker room, where casual players only up the ante. However, not all websites provide online poker rakeback deals, and the terms and conditions must be considered before making any long-term plans. We hope we have provided you with much-needed insight into another fundamental topic that all beginners should be aware of.