Rakeback is any type of reward which a poker room gives to its regular players for participating in their poker game on a regular basis. The rewards from poker rakeback deals are deducted from the rake that players pay when playing, hence the term rakeback. If a player receives '10% rakeback,' it means that they are rewarded with 10% of their total rake.


What is Rakeback?


Rakeback is essentially a decrease in the amount that players of online poker must pay to the casino. Rakeback is sought after by smart online poker players to lower their expenses and boost their earnings. Poker rakeback deals typically take the form of a discount that is given directly to players by an online poker room. Prior to some dishonest affiliates stealing the money and ending the practice after a few years, affiliates would receive funds to distribute to players. However, since affiliate marketers frequently target more savvy players, signing up with them is frequently the only way to receive rakeback at many poker rooms.


Consider opening an account with your favourite website through an affiliate as an illustration of rakeback. The website has agreed to pay the affiliate a set amount, typically between a quarter and a third of the revenue you bring in. Each player contributes 10 cents to the rake at a 10-handed table with a $1 cut off, so the affiliate receives a rebate of 2.5 to 3.5 cents. (For one hand, it's not much, but it adds up quickly!) The affiliate may have then worked out a poker rakeback deal with you, the customer. If you were to receive 25% rakeback in this scenario, you would receive 2.5 cents.


Rake Races and Exclusive promotions


Players who sign up through Whispering Shouts are given access to a number of benefits that other players do not, in addition to the rakeback and VIP offers. A player's overall rewards are greatly increased by the numerous ongoing rake races and promotions that are only available to players who signed up through this website each month.


Various VIP and Poker rakeback deals


The poker rooms offer a wide range of promotions to intrigue players to play with them, but the majority of them fall into two categories: rakeback offers and loyalty programmes. Rakeback refers to the player getting a set percentage of the rake and other fees they paid to the poker room during a specific time period back. These times are typically daily, weekly, or monthly but can vary depending on the poker room. Rakeback funds are automatically deposited into players' poker accounts after a rakeback period has ended.


On the other hand, loyalty programmes (VIP deals) do not have a predetermined percentage for how much of the players' rake will be returned. Instead, it depends on how much money players wager, but everyone follows to the same rule: the more money wagered, the more rewards (rakeback) one receives. Once the higher VIP levels have been attained, the returns can frequently be greater than what a player would get with a typical rakeback deal.


Can I be certain that I'll get my VIP benefits or rakeback?


A small number of websites that direct players to poker rooms decide to pay their players directly. Simply put, this indicates that the poker room pays the affiliate, who in turn pays the players. Whispering Shouts has decided against doing so. We let the poker rooms pay the players their winnings directly into their accounts rather than acting as a middleman. Even though Whispering Shouts only partners with reputable poker rooms, players can count on getting their rewards on schedule and frequently.


How to Find a Reliable Rakeback Site


  • Choose a reputable site with a large player database.
  • Rely on recommendations/word of mouth from friends/other poker players.
  • Visit poker forums to learn about the best rakeback sites.
  • Find one with a variety of rooms so you can pick and choose what you want.
  • Look for sites with effective referral programmes.
  • Does the site provide additional promotions such as Rake Races and Freerolls?
  • Look for sites that have received industry recognition.
  • Is there a daily stats page where you can check your rakeback at any time?
  • Maximum rakeback offered by poker sites


Some poker sites limit the amount of rakeback that can be earned. This is done to prevent smaller affiliates from undercutting the market by offering higher rakeback than larger competitors. This appears to be a good idea for players in the short term, but the affiliates' cost of business will eventually make these levels unattainable, and many small affiliates will go bankrupt as a result of their own success without paying their players. This became a major issue in the late 2000s, leading to the majority of online poker sites directly offering rakeback rather than relying on affiliates to distribute funds to players.


What Is a Rakeback Grinder?


A rakeback grinder is a player who derives the majority of his income from rakeback. He would be break-even or slightly losing without rakeback. Rakeback grinders are frequently perceived as weak players who make money solely by playing a large number of tables. This is not entirely true; rakeback grinders are actually better than average poker players (since they are still making money overall). If a player makes money even after rakeback, it means he is better than the average player in his games; the only reason he isn't making money directly is because the poker room takes so much rake.


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