Poker was still relatively new in India when Baazi Games launched its first product in 2014. Poker Poker, according to Baazi, should be recognised as a separate sporting category. With this vision, the company is on its way to bringing poker to the masses in India as well as creating a sustainable ecosystem around the game, one that raises awareness, imparts game knowledge, and provides players with a superior online playing experience.

At PokerBaazi, you will have the opportunity to work with industry revolutionaries who are driving automation, design thinking, and innovation in the real-money skill-based gaming industry. Watch your learning come to life as we accelerate our innovations. Their open floor culture promotes cross-collaboration and a pleasant working environment. We believe that only with the right team can you play at work.

How to Play Poker at Pokerbaazi

Poker is a card game that relies on skill and has been popular in the gaming industry for a long time. When American TV network CBS hosted an hour-long highlights show of the World Series of Poker in the 1970s, it first became popular. The game simply coasted along with the growth of the internet in the late 1990s and quickly began to draw in a global audience.

Online poker tournaments, however, really gained popularity and overnight became the next big thing in 2003. People from all over the world were now searching for online poker tips on Google. Why the sudden obsession? Let's explore. The World Series of Poker in 2003 held the wonderful event when Chris MoneyMaker, a working accountant at the time, won the Main Event by qualifying through an online poker satellite and left with a whopping $2.5 million in prize money. That one incident suddenly changed the course of poker as a sport and established it as a true people's game played online. Soon, everyone aspired to master the game of poker and become a successful Moneymaker.

Pokerbaazi Key Offerings

An app created by poker enthusiasts for poker enthusiasts. What began as a fantasy is now the most popular poker app in the country. PokerBaazi is a poker lover's paradise where you can not only play different poker variants like Texas Hold'em, PLO-4,5,6, or tournaments, but also learn and improve your game.

Poker School

How can you improve my poker skills? We have a solution, and it's called Poker School. The Poker School course structure, curated by poker experts, is divided in a way that allows you to learn at your own pace and improve your game.

Baazi Poker Tour

The PokerBaazi LIVE Room in Goa hosts India's premier live poker tournament, attracting players from all over the country to compete in a world-class gaming environment.

National Poker Series India

India's ultimate test of ability, mental fortitude, endurance, and consistency. Witness players become legends and be a part of Indian poker history. For the sake of gold, glory, and everything in between.

Baazi Store

Order anything gaming as well as lifestyle related from the Baazi Store and have a best-in-class experience, from tables to gaming chairs to chipsets and lifestyle products.

Poker Royalty Bonus

Things get really exciting when you learn how to play poker online because OFC poker allows you to earn poker royalty points for achieving high poker hand rankings like a Flush or a Straight. Depending on the row you set these hands in, they carry various points. Whether they win or lose the specific rows, players can still earn these bonus points.

The player with the highest score wins the game. Royalty reward bonus points are added to the final score. The Royalty Points are void in the event that multiple players hit a similar hand in a row. The player with the higher full house wins the row but receives no royalty points, for example, if two players hit a Fullhouse in the bottom row. Check each row's royalty points in OFC poker.

Poker Fantasyland

The exclusive territory for Open Face Chinese poker players is Fantasyland. The significance of fantasy land and OFC poker must be understood when learning how to play poker online. The requirements are straightforward in OFC poker to get into this fun place. You can enter FantasyLand by simply hitting Queens or greater in the top row without committing a foul.

About Whispering Shouts

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