One of the reasons that poker attracts people from all over the world with a wide range of skills and interests is that it is a game that mentally challenges you to perform at your best. To be successful in poker, especially in large-field tournaments, you must have patience, resilience, and fearlessness to capitalise on opportunities that arise with the best online poker rakeback deals.

With the knowledge that bad beats will occur, bad play will be rewarded, and variance can occur at any time, what does it take to last? We set out to discover what qualities a poker player should have in order to compete in a large-field tournament.

Best Poker Game Secrets


Patience is probably the most obvious and important characteristic to learn and apply as a poker player. If you ask any regular poker player what it takes to consistently play good poker, patience will be at the top of their list. Some players consider patience to be passive, but it actually puts you in a position of power. Patience, like any skill, requires practice, and with practice, you can eliminate, or at least reduce, the desire to play every pot, allowing users to wait and watch and giving you control over when to act that benefits you the most.


You must keep your eye on the game at all times, and no, this does not refer to the most recent World Cup match. Every action at the table provides an opportunity to gather information that will assist you in making better decisions.

"There are so many things that can distract us from the game at hand," said Kara Scott, a poker player, sideline reporter for ESPN at the WSOP, and party poker ambassador. When you walk around a large poker tournament, you'll probably notice that more players are focused on their phones than on the game. There is so much information to be learned from your opponents that you will miss if you are constantly checking your twitter.

It Isn't All About the Cards

Most amateur poker players pay close attention to the cards they are dealt. They also become frustrated if they go "card dead" for an extended period of time. However, poker professionals are aware that the vast majority of hands in Texas Hold'em do not proceed to showdown. So, what difference does it make what you have? One of the most important poker secrets that pros use to exploit amateurs is to hammer on them in position repeatedly and use position to bluff them out of the pot. In poker, it's not always about the cards.

Never show a bluff

Another secret is that good players never show a bluff. When amateurs bluff someone and have a good laugh about it, they like to proudly display their 72 offsuit. But poker pros know much better than to give out free information like this. They understand that it is much better to leave that doubt in their opponent's mind about whether they were bluffed or not. It's not worth the quick ego boost of calling the bluff. Poker is a battleground. Never, ever, ever give your opponent's free information.

You Create Your Own Fortune

The next poker secret is that in this game, you make your own luck. Pros understand, for example, that it is very easy to run bad for 100k or more hands. Tournament professionals know that you can go years without winning big. However, most people become obsessed with one or two unlucky hands from their most recent poker session. In this game, you create your own luck by understanding that the long run is much, far longer than you think, also online poker rakeback deals are one of the best parts of it to make money. Instead, the pros concentrate on superior decision making, focus on online poker rakeback deals as well as outworking their opponents. The results will come.

You Must Enjoy the Work

One of the most important factors in your poker success is a genuine enjoyment of the grind. Poker pros refer to the "grind" as the day-to-day work you put in at the poker tables. And, more specifically, the discipline and attention to detail that it entails. Poker is similar to weightlifting. You must fall in love with the lifestyle as well as the process. Your short-term results will always be all over the place. Above all, learn to enjoy the grind and strive to be the best in the games you play. Turn off everything and everyone.

Accept Technology

Another poker hack that the pros use is to embrace the power of technology to improve your game. There are poker software and tools that can help you improve your reads, study your hands, study your opponents, and find and fix your leaks. You can also use these poker tools to better understand your equity in all situations, track your results, table select more effectively, and even compete against sophisticated AI programmes. The bottom line is that if you want to gain an advantage in today's games, you must use all of the poker tools, educational resources, and software available.

Never be the same player 

The next poker secret that most professionals will not tell you is that they are never the same player from one day to the next. When you play against me at the poker tables, you will always face a different player. On Monday, you might be up against a complete maniac who tries to bluff you every hand. On Tuesday, however, the game is different but professional always focus on online poker rakeback deals.

Every time, bring your A-game

The final poker secret the pros don't want you to know is that you must bring your A-game every time you sit down to play. This includes not playing if you are stressed, depressed, angry, tired, drunk, or high, among other things.