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Q: Can I get rakeback for a site I already have an account with?

A: Some online poker sites do allow conversions of existing accounts. Contact us to find out if your poker site does!

Q: Should I make a poker account and then contact you to activate rakeback?

A: If you make an account before signing up with Whispering Shouts and receiving instructions, you will be considered a regular 'full' customer. This will likely prevent us from giving you rakeback for that site. Please contact us if you want more information.

Q: How do I make a rakeback account?

A: You must first register for Whispering Shouts user account. After you have logged in you can then add any number of deals to your account. The deals you have applied for will be displayed in an overview after verification and for the majority of poker sites you will even be able to track the rake throughout the month.

Q: How do I receive the rakeback?

A: The majority of our deals are automatic. This means that at a certain date-range every month the due rakeback is deposited by the poker site to us and we put it in your Whispering Shouts poker account. This generally happens between 24-48hours. For receiving your rakeback you just go to the Profile page after logging in and Review/ Information page for each poker room directly from the Overview menu on our homepage.

Q: Do you offer incentives for referring friends and other players?

A: Of course we do! Please see our Refer-a-friend page for more information.

Q: Can I refer friends without being a Whispering Shouts customer?

A: Simply register a Whispering Shouts user account and use the Refer-a-friend tools to invite friends!