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About Whispering Shouts.com

WhisperingShouts.com operates as a brand for Crescive Networks Pvt. Ltd., a company registered in India

Our Mission

Our mission is to act as the agent of online poker players to help them save money on poker room rake fees. This is achieved by offering players rakeback; a monthly cash refund of their rake. Many players are saving over ₹1Lac with WhisperingShouts.com rakeback every month.

What we offer



3.Bonus Codes/ Coupons

4.Promotion Reminders

5.Recurring Refer a Friend Commissions

and much more….

Privacy Policy

Whispering Shouts will never sell or give your email or private information to anyone. We collect only the necessary amount of information for payments and to track the amount of rake your account generates using the statistics provided to us by each poker site.

Security Policy

Whispering Shouts will never ask you for your passwords at any time.